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A family friendly environment fit for academic discussions, life lessons cross-chatter, and classy entertainment.

Derek James Derek Musgrave

Born in the 1970's

Married w/ Wonderful Children

Career Airman in the USAF

Inactive Volunteer Firefighter & EMT

Derek grew up in a rural area of America's Heartland where he joined the U.S. Air Force immediately after high school. Throughout his tenure, he has gained technical experience and leadership skills as a Civil Engineer Structural Craftsman and more recently as a Career Safety Professional. Derek has excelled in the study of human behavior through human factors and root cause analysis.

Derek's World Club Mission: Provide a family friendly environment fit for academic discussions, life lessons cross-chatter, and mature/classy entertainment.

Derek's World Club Scope: Derek's World is partitioned into various communities to match his literal personality. Derek's Hobbies: He has a passion for genealogy, lineage, life, leadership, safety, farm life, information technology, and history.

Derek's Memberships:
Sigma Beta Delta International Honor Society

Derek's Nicknames: The following names have been given to Derek over the years by various acquaintances or colleagues.

Trivia: Why does Derek go by James in some cases and Derek in other cases. Derek's dad is also a James but not a Sr. so growing up,family and friends knew him as Derek. When Derek joined the workforce, he began using his payroll signature and transitioned to using James when meeting new people; therefore, at work, Derek will go by James and in private life, he'll go by Derek.

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